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Friday, 25 January 2013

Winter holiday

Tuesday, January 25th., Hotel Savoy, Cortina.

Magnificent morning yesterday. Pinkish, salmonish Dolomite peaks, grey rocks, white snow, blue sky, strong sunshine. The air is undoubtedly very tonic at this height, 4,200 ft.

Huxleys, 1927 by Lady Otteline Morrell
The Aldous Huxleys called on us. We talked with them for some time and then they took us to their house for tea, where several other people arrived.
Today the first full, empty day of the holiday. We met Aldous and Maria Huxley, who had been ski-ing. I stood about till I could risk the cold no longer, and then went for a walk, breaking often into a run. By this time (4p.pm.) all the tracks around here were in shadow. The Aldous Huxleys came for dinner and stayed till 11.55.

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