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Saturday, 21 September 2013

In the West Country

Tuesday, September 21st., Eltham, Torquay.

I left at 11.30 yesterday, and caught the noon express to Torquay. Shared a compartment with two middle-aged gentlemen with outdoor faces, about which I propose to write an article. I had been rather gloomy and preoccupied before, but as soon as I had written down the notes for the short article I felt better. Emily Phillpotts met me to my great surprise.

Adelaide was rather quieter than usual, but had little bursts of talking. We had a tremendous literary and social pow-wow - just as usual - interrupted by a short view of the garden. This pow-wow went on from 4 to 7 without a break, and was continued after dinner.

Today I began to write my article about the journey at 7.30 a.m., after quite a fair night. I fear for my projected average of 1,000 words a day for the year. i am already a day behind it.

This evening we listened extensively to the wireless. It soon gets boring, in fact as soon as one has got used to the marvel of it. All sounds are somewhat falsified - thickened. still it is all very marvellous.

I wrote an article during the day, in three instalments of time. Talked with Eden in garden, about 'shop' matters. He goes on working rather harder than ever. He says he has nothing else to do, and would vanish if he didn't work. Adelaide also is a great worker. She said that in London she goes to bed at 10.30 (and lies awake thinking) and gets up at 7.30. Works at desk most of the morning, walks before tea, and works after tea.

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Last Wednesday I was carefully examined by Shufflebotham who decided that I must be X-rayed. He is a pioneer and acknowledged expert in the use of X-rays for diagnosis. He guaranteed that I had had appendicitis several times without knowing it.

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