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Sunday, 16 February 2014


Tuesday, February 16th., Victoria Grove, Chelsea.

When I saw Miriam Clements as the Princess of Pannonia in "My Friend the Prince" at the Garrick tonight I realised that the story of Helen of Troy was potentially if not actually true. For the first few moments I was inclined to think the report of her extraordinary beauty somewhat exaggerated. Then I began to appreciate. Then shortly I could think of nothing else but her face and figure. She was dressed in a regal outdoor costume of blue velvet, with a large waving hat. Her dark hair, carried down from the forehead in a slight curve so as to cover most of the ear, half hid the most wonderful woman's face I have ever seen - not a face with regular classic features, but one finely, bafflingly irregular, full of lovely lines and firmly marked character, and the eyes with a strange, sad, imperious expression .... The sight of her gave me an understanding sympathy with the man who 'goes mad' about a woman, dishonours himself to possess her, and continues to worship her, let her be as contemptuous or as vile as she may. Previously, I had only a sneer for such madness.

The Princess, Miss Clements, is the handsomest person I have seen on the stage since Miss Millard acted in , "The Prisoner of Zenda," and looked the part so perfectly that one was not astonished at finding her professing to be a royal personage, except that so few royal personages possess her attractions. It seemed only right that she should wear a tiara of real diamonds and costumes that Empresses might copy.
From a review of  "The Princess of Pannonia" in The Westminster Budget 23/04/97

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