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Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Tuesday, July 2nd., Yacht Club, London.

Last Friday, for Ministry. I saw generals Macdonogh and Macready (first visit to War Office) and Albert Thomas, the French Socialist politician. 

Saturday I learnt at home that Lockyer was called up for medical exam.

Last night I dined with Beaverbrook, the Edwin Montagues and Diana Manners being of the party, at the Savoy. Dinner arranged for 9 p.m. At 9.15 Montagu and I having waited, began. The rest arrived at 9.20. When the conversation turned on Diana being the original of Queen in "The Pretty Lady" my attitude was apparently so harsh that Beaverbrook changed the subject. It may be that I was still a little cross from the late start. I cannot abide unpunctuality. We afterwards went five in a taxi to B.'s rooms at Hyde Park Hotel. After a time Diana and I sat on a window-sill of B.'s bedroom, looking at a really superb night view over the park. One small light burning in the bedroom. B.'s pyjamas second-rate. Some miscellaneous talk about life and women. After they had all gone but me B. asked me what I thought of Diana. I told him I thought she was unhappy through idleness. He said he liked her greatly. This may be ominous for her though I think she will prove more than a match for him. She has, apparently, described B. as “This strange attractive gnome with an odour of genius about him”. Interesting.

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Sprightly. I then went out for a walk in the fair but unsatisfactory weather. Returned by bus. Dined alone with Dorothy. We played the greater part of Schubert's Octet - pianoforte 4 mains. Great noise and fun, which did me much good, for I had been depressed.

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