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Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Sunday, September 8th., 1907.

At Les Sablons, in France.

Marguerite and I have been on a cycling tour, and today we rode home from St. Julien. It was very hot and once we were misdirected. Also the first part of the journey was very heavy. We arrived at 5.30 after 70 kilometres. I drank two glasses of soda and milk, then four cups of tea, then two more glasses of soda and milk. Then nearly a bottle of white wine and half a siphon; then two cups of hot camomile. By this time it was 9 o'clock and I had got the better of my thirst. I think I may have been dehydrated.

We did a little over 300 kilometres in our six days, and would have done more but Marguerite was held back by rheumatism in her knees. The total expenses were 119 fr. 70 centimes. Deduct from this a minimum of 65 francs which we should have spent had we remained at home, and the total cost of the holiday comes out at 54 francs for two people. Not bad.

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