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Thursday, 24 December 2015

A successful appeal

Sunday, December 24th., Fulham Park Gardens, London.

An amusing anecdote from the Potteries:

Thomas Arrowsmith called on John Beardmore for a subscription to the Burslem Wesleyan Chapel. Beardmore declined to contribute, and explained how he was losing money on all hands and had in fact had a very bad year. He went to such lengths of pessimism that Arrowsmith at last interrupted:

   "If things are as bad as that Mr. Beardmore," he said, "we'll have a word of prayer," and without an instant's hesitation he fell on his knees.
    Beardmore began to stamp up and down the room,
    "None o' that nonsense," he shouted. "None o' that nonsense. Here's half a sovereign for ye."

I really ought to find an opportunity to use this in a story. 
This must be what is meant when people talk about 'the power of prayer'!

Image result for Burslem wesleyan Chapel

The first Wesleyan Chapel was built in the Potteries in 1766.
This was replaced by Swan Bank Chapel, shown in the photograph, in 1801. 
In 1816 it was enlarged to seat 1290 people, before eventually being replaced in 1971.

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