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Saturday, 15 September 2012

More Zeppelins!

Wednesday, September 15th., Thorpe-le-Soken.

Zeppelin excitements nightly. It was said in the village that a Zeppelin hung over the village church for an hour on Monday night, but I did not believe this. A station-porter, however, told me that they could see a Zeppelin on Sunday night as it passed. He said that another Zeppelin or some Zeppelins had been signalled for that night (Monday). It was dark when I talked to him on the dark platform. (They had instructions as to lights by telegraph)

Thorpe-le-Soken station


The only lights were the reds of the signals, high up. I asked him as to Marguerite's train. He said that the train had 'asked' for the line and would arrive soon. This mysteriousness of unseen things known to be coming - such as Zeppelins and trains - was rather impressive. Then suddenly a red light changes to green in the air. Two engines attached to each other rumble through the station. Then M's train. And after a long delay Marguerite's silhouette very darkly far down the platform.

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