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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Returning home

Monday, September 26th., Paris

Ever since I left Paris I have wanted to come back, and now I have!
I came back on Friday and now I am satisfied. I think I have never enjoyed the return to any place so much before. I could not keep my journal in England; there was no calm. And I was too busy with the Berquand treatment, which has yet to prove if it will ultimately be a success.
My absence has had the effect of showing me how well I am established in Paris. Wherever I go, in restaurants or in shops, I am recognised and greeted with the warmest cordiality. In three places to-day I have been the subject of an ovation. You would not get the same treatment in London under any circumstances. My books and my pictures (a few of each) have safely arrived, and I have bought a new bookcase and some other things, and I feel much more at home in Paris than ever.

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