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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Changing perceptions

Saturday, February 29th., London.

I finished the humorous novel: "Buried Alive" on Thursday morning. Except one chapter, which I thought would be the best in the book, it is all pretty good. I handed the complete MS over to Pinker yesterday.
We have certainly been living at a great pace; at least I have. Out almost every night. Yesterday I went over the Evening News office, and much wanted to use it up for a story. Whitten came to lunch on Tuesday and ordered 16 articles. Pett Ridge came on Wednesday for lunch, and told us a funny story about a page at a ladies club who made an income by cutting politenesses out of telegrams which he was entrusted with for despatch. Lanchester dined here last night. And on Thursday night we dined with Humberston - well got up dinner - male. Wednesday dined at the Atkins'.
We have been to the Exhibition of Fair Women at the New Gallery. The clous of the show were three Sargents, all of which I should have greatly admired six years ago - and now I did not care for them at all. Ugly colouring and much mannerism. And I used to think he was a great man!

Exhibition of Fair Women (International Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers, London), 1908
Start Date: February 1908 End Date: March 1908
Type: Annual exhibition
Description: Exhibition of works with female subjects.
418 exhibits in total, including 24 sculptures by Dalou.
Display Arrangement: Mixed displays of painting, sculpture and works on paper.

We went to the British Museum. Elgin marbles the greatest sensation I have had for a long time. I used to think them cold. Now I see how passionately they were done. The illuminated MS. also made an entirely new appeal to me. And I was more than ever determined to do some decent illumination.

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