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Friday, 1 March 2013

Awareness and self-deception

Tuesday, March 1st., Fulham Park Gardens, London.

Sturt said: "Too much importance is attached to intellect. None of us have yet recovered from the surprise of discovering that we are animals who can think." I think it is fair to say that some (perhaps most) people will never permit themselves to grasp this essential awareness. Perversely, it seems that the awareness of being self-aware induces a sense that this is something special and unique, rather than an understandable emergent property of all complex nervous systems.
A lady who wished to write a palmistry column for Woman read my hands. She was very accurate in describing my character, and told me several facts about my past. She said I should live long, make money, and enjoy much domestic happiness; that Friday was a lucky day for me; that I should marry 'soon', but not till after some difficulty as regards the lady had been smoothed over; that I should have a prescience of coming disaster or good fortune. Also, most remarkable, that I had not long since suffered a shock through some female relative. She seemed a clever and capable woman, and it was difficult for me not to believe that her predictions had not some reasonable foundation. She gave me some particulars, marvellous enough, about the healing of nervous diseases by willpower, in which subject she is interested, and invited me to investigate one case.
Tea at an A.B.C. shop in Westminster, where the waitresses offer an inexhaustible field for the study of character. They are so naive, unveiling the secrets of their natures in every trifling action.
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