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Friday, 26 July 2013


Friday, July 26th., Yacht Club, London.

Major David Davies asked Massingham, Gardiner, Gooch, J. Douglas, and McCardy to lunch yesterday at the Carlton, about his League of Nations Association. Coal-owner. Said to be worth £3,000,000. Very simple-minded. Spoke of  "Someone named Mrs. Humphry Ward". "Someone who is called 'Q' " etc. But he has faith.

DAVIES , DAVID of Llandinam ( 1880 - 1944 ), first BARON DAVIES was the grandson of David Davies  the Welsh industrialist of the Victorian period, whose energy and enterprise he inherited. Educated at King's College , Cambridge , he entered the House of Commons at 26 years of age as Liberal member for Montgomeryshire, resigning his seat in 1929 . In World War I , he raised and commanded the 14th. Battalion , the Royal Welsh Fusiliers , at home and in France until 1916 , when he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to David Lloyd George . His name will be inseparably connected with the international crusade for world peace. A founder of the League of Nations Union , he later gained prominence as the foremost advocate of strengthening the League of Nations by the creation of an International Police Force. Though he had a wide range of industrial and commercial activities, essentially he was a countryman keenly interested in sport and at Llandinam he maintained foxhounds . He was an ardent supporter of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society .

At night I went with Needham to "Le Coq d'Or". We were too close to the trombones. The only music of Rimsky's that I ever liked. I thought the tale rotten and the spectacle 2nd rate. Still I enjoyed the whole.

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