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Friday, 5 July 2013

Mundane matters

Friday, July 5th., Yacht Club, London.

Eleventh anniversary of our wedding yesterday. We dined at the Cafe Royal.

Raymond Needham came and lunched with me at Yacht Club, and told me much about Lord Beaverbrook and much as to his own private affairs.

"Right Ho Jeeves" by P.G. Wodehouse was dedicated "To Raymond Needham K.C. with affection and admiration"; Needham was a barrister who successfully defended Wodehouse in a tax case brought by the Inland Revenue.

On Wednesday night Eadie came to the flat and read two acts of "The Title" very well. The first act, though, I thought, consistently good, seemed a hell of a length.

Dennis Eadie (1869–1928) was a British stage actor who also appeared in three films during the silent era. Eadie was a leading actor of the British theatre, appearing in plays by Edward Knoblauch and Louis N. Parker. In 1916 he became the first man to play the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli in a feature film.

I lost my food card.

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