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Monday, 8 April 2013

Playing hard to get

Thursday, April 8th., Comarques, Thorpe-le-Soken.

The rain is terrible. But I don't mind because I have given myself a most beautiful new waterproof, and I christened it this morning. A great success.
The days are long but very full. I work. I read. I walk. I do not go to bed before a quarter to twelve, midnight, and when I go to bed my only thought is of getting up the next day.
Beaverbrook has invited us for the weekend. I knew that if I kept quiet the chap would make overtures to me. He told me through Blumenfield, the Editor of the Express, that I had quite deserted him. I sent him a very stiff message through the same intermediary. These millionaires always think that everyone is the same as the over-eager crowd around them. But I find Max very congenial. He has the faults of his qualities - and of his money. And I will need him soon for my next novel. He will be indispensable to me for it. All the same, of course, I refused his invitation. I will see him in London one day. He is very touchy. It will do him good for me to treat him as just anybody. After all, why shouldn't I?

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