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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sailing east

Saturday, April 23rd., "Flying Cloud", between Sicily and Cape Matapan.

I didn't have a great deal of sleep, but felt that I had had enough sleep.
Sore throat which I might have cured if I could have stopped smoking; but I couldn't. The thing would have been much more serious to make me give up this habit even for a time.
I thought about an article on Syracuse; so soon I was determined to write it today.
I was chatting with the Chief Officer on the poop before 6 a.m. Perfect morning. Saw one sail, a brig, about ten miles to the north going westward. Saw nothing else all day. There was a slant of wind, and I reckon that the ship was making 3 or 4 knots under sail only. Four sails set, 2 topsails, 1 top stay-sail, the sky sail and three jibs.
Bridge has been played nearly the whole day. And it has been a simply magnificent day.
Captain Davies said that he was not a yacht-captain but a captain in a yacht. Well, the yacht shows it.

I find that I know all the party on the yacht except one (David Gray - part author of The Best People). Only I had forgotten that I knew them. Jo Davidson the sculptor & Dougherty the painter both reminded me of a previous meeting. Frank Crowninshields of course I knew. Kommer, as usual, seemed to know half the people in the hotel at Syracuse.

Rudolf K Kommer (1888-1943) is best known for his association with Max Reinhardt whom he persuaded to produce The Miracle in London and in America (1923). He was also translator of many American and English plays for German production. An Austrian by birth he became the London correspondent of the Frankfurter Zeitung, a member of the United Press Bureau in Central Europe, and later head of its Geneva office. He lectured in America during 1914 and became a diplomat in the Austrian Government. He lived in America during the last ten years of his life.

I like all the party. I feel sure they are all extremely decent, as they are certainly intelligent.  Jo Davidson has a bushy black beard, & at first I thought he was a Frenchman. He speaks French very fluently. 

Jo Davidson (March 30, 1883 – January 2, 1952) was an American sculptor of Russian-Jewish descent. Although he specialized in realistic, intense portrait busts, Davidson did not require his subjects to formally pose for him; rather, he observed and spoke with them. He worked primarily with clay, while the final products were typically cast in terra-cotta, marble and bronze.

Further, though it is a bit early to conclude thereupon, I think Otto is a very good host. he is bright, doesn't boss (though they all call him 'boss'), & is in favour of everyone feeling perfectly free. Kommer is a great advocate of freedom. When I said to the fellows that I hated sightseeing there was a great outburst of applause.

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