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Thursday, 6 March 2014

At the cinema

Thursday, March 6th., Cadogan Square, London.

Regent Street Polytechnic Cinema
German film last night at Polytechnic Cinema. One has the idea that all films are crowded. The balcony here was not 15% full. Front row, where Duff Tayler and I were , 8s. 6d. for one and a half hours entertainment. A gloomy place with gloomy audience. No style or grace in them. All lower middle-class, or nearly so. The hall tricked out with a silly sort of an ikon, illuminated, of Death, to advertise or recall or illustrate the film. The orchestra most mediocre. Played all the time, and three audiences a day! Hell for the players I should think. Also the horrid habit of illustrating certain points musically or noisily. The clock must strike, etc. And a special noise as a sort of leit motif for death. Lastly three small common Oriental mats (probably made in England) laid in front of the screen on the stage to indicate that much of the story was Oriental. the captions, etc., were appalling, and even misspelt, such as 'extention', 'Soloman' etc. The phrasing! Good God. "The City of Yesteryear" meant, I believe, the cemetery.

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