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Saturday, 8 March 2014


Tuesday, March 8th., 12B George Street, London.

I went to Cambridge on Saturday to see the Greek play, and felt obliged to write an article about it for the New Statesman on Sunday instead of taking a holiday.

On Sunday night we went to a very good party at Mrs. Ralph Hammersley's where two good playlets were performed, the food was good, and there was dancing afterwards. All was for the best at this party. 

Last night Heinemanns gave a dinner to introduce their new partner, Page, to British authors. There were about 35 people. I sat between Pinero and Sir Francis Fuller. Hall Caine made a prodigiously idiotic speech, in which incidentally he proved that he was responsible for the choice of Page's father as U.S. ambassador to England. Page made an excellent speech.
For more on Pinero see 'Bad grammar'

Lately, thanks to yeast, I have been sleeping immensely better.

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