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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Getting about

Saturday, March 15th., Comarques, Thorpe-le-Soken.

I was at Burslem yesterday to inter my mother's ashes in the cemetery, in the same grave as her parents. Rather foggy early in the day, but it fortunately cleared mid-morning and the cemetery was washed in pleasant spring sunshine for the short informal ceremony. I had a few words to say to those attending and found the whole event surprisingly emotional. But certainly worth doing, and afterwards we all adjourned to the George for a light lunch where we were able to reminisce and review a selection of old family photographs. All went smoothly.

I went to London on Tuesday after a solitary weekend here in which I earned £300 in two days, by hard work.

Tuesday night Marguerite and I attended the first rehearsal of "Judith". It was in Eaton's room at the Royalty. The Royalty was in process of reparation, and there was an almost continuous slapping noise of whitewashers in the room above.

Later rehearsals were held in the Ampthill Room at the Connaught Rooms. Happily, the leading lady, Lillah, is easy to deal with. Eaton knows immensely more about producing than I do, but I was able to convince him that his plans for the murder in the second act were all wrong and that my original plans were all right. I also changed Lillah's conception of her acting of it. In fact the murder scene will be the author's own.
For more on "Judith" see 'Indecent exposure?'

Additionally for March 15th., see 'A curious mixture'

H. L. Rothband, the Manchester manufacturer, lunched with me yesterday at the Reform, about his scheme for employment of disabled soldiers. Curious mixture of ingenuousness and acuteness.

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