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Monday, 10 October 2016

Gloriously lost

Thursday, October 10th., Les Sablons

A magnificent October day. I walked 4 miles between 8.30 and 9.30, and then wrote 1,000 words of "The Old Wives' Tale" which I began on Tuesday.

This afternoon we penetrated into the forest with our bicycles and without a map! Had to walk miles, got gloriously lost, and at last reached home after 2 hours 40 minutes of labour. Far off, in an unfrequented path, we came across three old women sitting in the hedge and discussing mushrooms. I do so enjoy these brief glimpses into the lives of others.

I had hoped to have a quiet doze before dinner but the unexpected arrival of M. and his son put paid to that. The boy and I spent a very happy hour together making and demolishing castles we made from wooden blocks. In my view wooden blocks are the only indispensable toy for a growing child, and I welcome the excuse to play with them myself!

So, I am feeling rather tired this evening and anticipate retirement to bed with pleasure. I had hoped to devote some more time to my study of Oriental religions but the concepts I have come across so far are difficult to make sense of and I am unlikely to do them justice unless fresh and alert.

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