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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

All at sea

Wednesday, October 11th., RMS Lusitania, at sea.

Image result for marconigramI sent my very first marconigram yesterday to let Marguerite know all was well with me. I expect it will surprise her greatly. It cost me 26 shillings - incredible!

I had a most busy day yesterday. I was writing for most of the morning and then at 2.30 the First Officer took Knoblock and me all over the navigating parts of the ship and through the engine rooms.This occupied nearly two hours and I can tell you that it was absolutely astounding. I shall describe it in an article. The while we were promenading on the deck the Captain asked us into his parlour and we smoked cigars and told stories for nearly two hours.

Image result for lusitaniaI had a tremendous dinner. Must be the sea air sharpening my appetite, but I felt rather uncomfortable all evening and I woke up this morning at 3 o'clock with a severe headache. However it went off during my next sleep and I am all right today. there is such a strong breeze this morning that at the front of the boat you literally cannot stand up against it.. It would blow you down. yet the boat is very steady and I am writing this as if I were in my study.

It is remarkable to me that man, so small, fragile and weak has contrived an advance in science and industry sufficient to construct a machine like this. Only a hundred years ago men were sailing the seas in wooden ships and relying on the wind for their progress. What will the next hundred bring I wonder?

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