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Sunday, 1 December 2013

A death

Wednesday, December 1st., Waterloo Road, Burslem.

Arrived at Burslem last night. Noted for 3rd novel in trilogy, scene in train, and Shields' dentist scene, in special notebook. Wild weather. Glass lower than it has been all this year, I think.

My mother died in hospital yesterday morning at 10.42. Fortunately I was there at the time. She had been fading slowly since having a stroke three weeks ago, and died peacefully in the end. Her condition had deteriorated the evening before and soon after I arrived at the hospital yesterday morning it declined further. Her breathing which had been rapid slowed and became even more shallow, so I knew the end was near. Then she seemed to stop breathing, and I thought she had gone, but there was one more shuddering breath and she became still. I am sad of course but glad that she is released from a situation she would have hated with a vengeance. So, I have become an orphan at last.

Additionally for December 1st., see 'Theatrical evening' -

In the evening 'L'Escalade' by Maurice Donnay, at the Renaissance. This is quite a minor piece, with insufficient material, and what material there is, not too well arranged. It is surprising to me how a man like Donnay could let such work go out of the manufactory. Guitry and Brandes were magnificent, full of distinction; Guitry's son had also his father's distinction.

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