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Friday, 27 December 2013

Becoming cheerful

Thursday, December 27th., Comarques, Thorpe-le-Soken.

Dinner last night at 2/1st London R.G.A. at Bentley Huts. Caffery came and fetched us in a Ford car. About 30 people. Goodish dinner. I did nothing all evening except sit in front of the stove. Solo whist and bridge partners and much noisy dancing. After midnight the Ford car could not be started, and it never was started, though six men spent pretty nearly two hours on it, with blowpipes and things. Marguerite and Olive slept at Steel and Caffery's lodgings. I came home in a G.S. waggon with 2 horses and 2 men, easy chair in waggon, rugs, eiderdown, and a rug like an extinguisher all over my head and face. Freezing hard but I was quite warm. This journey took about one and a half hours. I made the two men happy, and then had a hot bath, and must have gone to sleep about 4.40. I slept till 8. I was thoroughly bored until it was discovered that the car wouldn't start. Thenceforward I was quite cheerful.

Additionally for December 27th., see 'A fateful interest' -

Then we went behind to Dorothy Cheston's room, and heard about things. At first they said "We'll just run through it." But D. said "A.B.'s in the house." "That'ssomeone to play to anyway," said Viola Tree.

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