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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Busy day

Saturday, December 31st., Cadogan Square, London.

I am actively engaged in correspondence with Mrs. Patrick Campbell about my play "Flora". She has indicated that she would like to take it on and is, as I understand it, seeking capital for the purpose. However, I have received an offer from the U.S.A. which seems more likely to come to fruition, but necessitates assigning the English rights as well. My theatrical experience, now extensive, suggests to me to accept the firm offer, but I did more or less give Mrs. P.C. the first option. This will necessitate some delicate letter writing by me.

Goodish night. I have now got my weight down again. So long as it keeps at 11 or under I am content. A month ago it was 11 st. 2 lb. 

I walked to the Army and Navy and back to get some clean pocket note-books. I got six - 1d. each.

I read in Sartor's "Introduction to the History of Science", Vol. 1, and decided to write an article on it for the Evening Standard

At 10.40 I went off to the Gargoyle Club, where we entertained A. P. Herbert and wife at supper.  I drove up there in snow and sleet. We danced but little. I was in bed at 2.35 and slept in all nearly six hours, which was an excellent introduction to the New Year, considering that I had eaten quite a hearty supper and drunk quite enough champagne - preceded by a cocktail.

Dancing at the Gargoyle
In 1928, the socialite aristocrat David Tennant founded the Gargoyle club on the top floors of number 69 Dean Street, a socially radical club and well-known hangout of politicians, cosmopolitan intellectuals and artists. Consisting of a vast ballroom, bar, coffee 
room and drawing room, the Gargoyle dripped with decadence and lavish interiors, some by Henri Matisse. It was the most celebrated night-club of its era. Tennant claimed he just wanted a congenial place to dance with his girl-friend (Hermione Baddeley, who he married in 1928).It attracted artists,intellectuals, writers and young socialites in equal measure. With a membership that included almost everyone associated with London Bohemia, it remained a key location for thirty years and anecdotes about the club appear in almost every reminiscence of cosmopolitan cultural life of the period.

Additionally for December 31st., see 'A quiet year?' -

A material year. Largely occupied with intestinal failure and worldly success. By Chetham Strode's direct treatment of massage and vibration I am now almost cured of intestinal caprices, but I shall ever be feeble in that quarter.

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