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Sunday, 29 June 2014


Wednesday, June 29th., Cadogan Square, London.

Eclipse morning. Began at 5.26 a.m. and finished at 7.18, I think. Up till nearly 6.30 (when eclipse supposed to be at its height), I perceived practically no diminution of light; but of course the light didn't increase as it normally would have done. Eclipse was a complete wash-out. Also I had a thoroughly bad night. 

A total solar eclipse occurred on June 29, 1927. The path of totality crossed far northern Europe and Asia. This was the first total eclipse visible from British mainland soil for 203 years.

I wrote 500 words of "Accident" before lunch. I walked to the Reform Club to meet Swinnerton by appointment, and we lunched. Then I resumed the novel. I wasn't quite so fired up as in the morning. In the morning I made Alan lose his temper, and I did it with such heat that I felt just as if I had lost my own temper when I went down to see Miss Nerney and I felt called upon to explain to her the cause of my demeanour.

I also finished correcting the typescript of my Florence Journal. Miss Nerney said spontaneously: "I love copying it." I think myself that it may be interesting. 

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