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Friday, 27 June 2014

In town

Friday, June 27th., Comarques, Thorpe-le-Soken.

Went to London on Tuesday for Cedric's concert and returned yesterday. At the concert I seemed to see everyone I had ever known up to the age of thirty. Vast air of a family party about it. Simultaneous carrying of two similar bouquets by two attendants up the two aisles to Evelyn Jennings after her first group of songs. Probably most of the friends were nervous.

In the afternoon, just after our arrival, we saw the King and President Poincare pass, two lonely men, one red and gold, the other black and white and bald, along the empty road, with soldiers and policemen dividing them from a thin crowd.

Wednesday morning, David Rice accosted me in Bond Street. Hadn't seen him for at least fifteen years. He cursed the British tradesmen. So did I. 

On Thursday morning I went into a swagger West End hosiers to buy a necktie. I said "Good morning" on entering. Vendeur was a man of fifty at least. Through sheer social social clumsiness and heaviness he made no response, didn't even smile. I wish I had just turned around and walked back out again without a further word but it was not that he meant to be impolite. He unthawed before I had bought two neckties, and gloomily saluted me as I went out. Many of the shops in this district are being cleaned and garnished at 10 a.m.

Additionally for June 27th., see 'Gloomy in Paris'

Stanlaws, the "creator" of the 'Stanlaws girl', was there, a terrible American, and also a girl I had previously seen at Kelly's. The girl and Stanlaws, and the man who was the girl's host, threw bread at each other, and sang American songs very loudly. It was terrible at times. I could not stand such manners and customs for long. It is these things which spoil Montparnasse. We finished up at the Cafe de Versailles.

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