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Monday, 30 June 2014


Thursday, June 4th., Rue de Calais, Paris.

I went down last night after dinner to see Mrs. Le Gallienne, and found that she had just been dining with Hind and a Miss Macdonald, a beautiful girl whose father and brother are Paris correspondents of English papers. We all went out to the Boul. St. Michel and had coffee at the Cafe Harcourt. An enormous crowd of students and bourgeois, with the orchestra in the centre, and cocottes wandering continuously around the circumference: a warm night. 

Mrs. Le Gallienne talked to me with much freedom about her husband. She said she had found she could do nothing more for him, and, as they differed as to the desirability of life in New York, she had left him, and they corresponded and so on. She described how charming he was when he was charming, and how diverting it was to live with such a wayward artistic temperament. There was one thing she could say: he had never bored her. However, she had had enough of artistic temperament. Mrs. Le Gallienne is herself a very charming person. I find myself rather attracted to her and could wish that she might become interested in a less temperamental artist.
For more of Mrs. Le Gallienne see 'Two fair ladies'

Today I finished the second part of "Hugo". I began to arrange the third part of "Hugo" yesterday with some success. 

The weather remains warm and splendid.

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