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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Theatre talk

Wednesday, June 18th., Yacht Club, London.

Basil Dean and Alec Rea came to tea here, and I was very pleased with them and their general attitude. They proposed to 'try out' "Sacred and Profane Love" at Liverpool on September 15th., and to open at Aldwych about October 1st. 

Basil Dean told a good rehearsal story. He said that they rehearsed Shaw's "Pygmalion" for 9 weeks at His majesty's and that in the middle Mrs. Pat Campbell went away for two weeks on her honeymoon. When she returned there was some trouble about her rendering. When she had altered it she said to Shaw: "Is that better?" Shaw said: "No, it isn't." He was getting shirty. Mrs. P. C. was taken aback. She replied however: "You are a terrible man Mr. Shaw. One day you'll eat a beefsteak and then God help all women." It is said that Shaw blushed.

Additionally for June 18th., see 'Nightmare journey'

I have a great passion for this new sport of bicycling, in spite of occasional accidents. Arguably the bicycle has liberated a whole generation of youths, done a great deal (indirectly through the bloomers) for the emancipation of women, and changed the kinship structure of British village life, possibly saving many a pocket of rural England from genetic decline. It is a convenient democratic pastime which suits my nature particularly well; riding a bicycle is not unlike writing a novel in that both are good for exercising the will.

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