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Monday, 29 October 2012

A great actress

Friday, October 29th., London.

Haidee Wright, Vernon and the Alec Reas, for dinner. Haidee very like the 3rd act of "Milestones", and exactly like the 2nd act. Depressed and captious about the world generally, though much pleased with an alleged renaissance which she has observed in English acting. A strong, 'vibrant' (as they say) personality, always interesting. You can see all the time why Haidee Wright is a great actress. Something is always oozing out of her. She is very shy and nervous and diffident, yet well aware, somewhere within herself, that she is a person of considerable importance in the artistic world.

As Gertrude Rhead in Milestones.

Haidee Wright (13 January 1867 – 29 January 1943), originally Ada Wright, was a London born English character actress. She began acting in plays in 1878 when a small child. She came from a family of actors and had a long career in the UK and the US with much Broadway work with occasional parts in films. Her parents and many siblings were actors.

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