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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Getting ready to write

Thursday, October 21st., Les Nefliers

I find that if I am to begin my new novel, "Clayhanger", on 1st Jan. 1910, I must make a series of preliminary enquiries. I do this perhaps at the rate of half an hour or an hour a day. I have read "When I was a Child", and all I need of Shaw's "North Staffordshire Potteries", and tonight I re-read the "social and Industrial" section of the Victoria History, which contains a few juicy items that I can use. I work on the plot itself about once a week when I have an hour and feel like it.
Nothing at all occurred today, except that I began the actual transcription for my projected Dictionary of the Literary Ideas of W.S.Landor. I found this rather amusing and not in the least fatiguing. It is the sort of thing one could do whilst recovering from influenza.

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