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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Anyone for tennis?

Wednesday, October 3rd., London.

I walked three miles around Battersea Park, forgetting that I had to play tennis in the afternoon, and came home and worked on the penultimate section of my religious booklet.

Battersea park
Preparations for tennis with Gardiner and H.G.Wells in Square. Gardiner came shortly after 3 and Wells a little before the appointed time, 3.30. Both middle aged, grave, jocular, voluble. They changed their clothes up in my room. Our ages, A.G.G 63, H.G.W. 62, and me 61. I beat Gardiner 6-5, and then he thought he should only play one set with me as he had to play Wells. He beat Wells 6-2. He then played Wells again and beat him 6-2. The last was only a fun set. I was told that there was betting at the Club - all against me. I took £1 off Gardiner and Gardiner took £1 off Wells. A man had been sitting on a bench watching us throughout the games. At the end he came up to us. He was a Daily Mail man. In the morning the Mail had telephoned me to allow a photographer to come down and take us at tennis. I said no. I don't know how the news of the great match reached the Mail.

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