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Saturday, 20 October 2012

A surprising reaction

Thursday, October 20th., London.

I went up to Manchester by the 11.50 a.m. yesterday, arriving at 3.40 for performance of "Flora" at Rusholme. (See 'The Residue of Love' September 27th.). The Manchester Guardian man came to the hotel, and I gave him tea. Then he took me out to see architecture. Damned little to see. I got a car to drive to Rusholme. Theatre full except two back rows. Theatre quite decent, considering that it was once the stable of the tramways company (in horse days).

Rusholme Theatre, 1915

The Rusholme Theatre, which was situated on the corner of Wilmslow Road and Great Western Street, Rusholme, Manchester, was a conversion from the former Manchester Carriage and Tramways Company terminus and offices. The Theatre was constructed sometime between 1909 and 1913 and the first mention of the Theatre that I have found is from an advertisement carried in the Stage newspaper of May the 1st 1913 (shown above) saying: 'Wanted, May 5th. Frances, the Dancer. Quick Change International Dancer. Six distinct Characters - Rusholme Theatre, Manchester.'

Today I took the 12.5 back to London, which went through the Potteries. The sight of this district gave me a shudder. Why should that be? I have written about it with affection, and have described it as having a unique 'beauty'; it has been the source for most of my work which has received critical acclaim; it has contributed not insignificantly to my material comfort; it is the foundation for who I am.
I am now sixty: that may be the problem!

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