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Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Sunday, October 2nd.

I finished 1st tableau of play yesterday and was fairly well pleased with it. No title yet.
Yesterday I had a goodish large notion for the Hilda book - of portraying the droves of the whole sex, instead of whole masculine droves. I think I can do something with this, showing the multitudinous activities of the whole sex, the point of view of the whole sex, against a mere background of masculinity. I had a sudden vision of it. It has never been done.
Finished Gibbon's "Autobiography." It is a distinguished book, but my feelings about the author are mixed.

A weekend in Norfolk for change of scene and general recuperation. Big skies. Windy and cool, but dry so good walking weather. Huge expanses of salt marsh and reed bed. Sea hardly apparent at low tide. Old-fashioned coastal towns. Cromer is generally attractive and seems to be keeping going in the face of foreign competition - maybe something in the English psyche which appreciates and relishes faded glory.


Similarly at King's Lynn which emphasises its maritime trading heritage but is indistinguishable from a hundred other medium size towns at its commercial heart.

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