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Monday, 26 August 2013

A busy day

Thursday, August 26th., Cadogan Square, London.

At 11a.m. I bussed and walked up to Charing Cross Road and bought "Lamiel", a novel by Stendhal that I had never seen and couldn't remember ever having heard of; also Vollard's little book on Cezanne, which is very interesting; also a selection of the writings of Charles Maurras; also an Ital. - English - Ital. dictionary. I saw the Eng. - Ital. Dict. Hoare's 2 guineas, but it is quarto and far too big to travel with. Then I came home again, somewhat sated, and had lunch with Dorothy. Then I bussed and walked to Hammersmith for the Lyric Board meeting, where I was told that the author of "Tommy, make room for your uncle", composed in 1876, had come into the theatre to hear his own song sung, and was pleased with the performance thereof. Such is life.

 Weston's Music Hall's early and most influential years were presided over by an exacting chairman and master of ceremonies, W. B. Fair, famous for the song Tommy, Make Room for Your Uncle. He chose the acts, warmed the audience up for each succeeding performance, and encouraged them at all times to interact with the performers throughout the evening. Fair was thus responsible for introducing to the London stage some of the most famous music hall acts, including Bessie Bellwood and JH Stead.

Noel Coward and Molly Seton Kerr came to dinner. I was once again very pleased with Coward. I think he will come through in one way or another. He is a serious young man with a sense of humour. He would have nothing to drink at all, except water. And he left early - 10.35 - because he had an early rehearsal tomorrow. imagine it!
See also, 'A lazy day afloat and ashore' - September 6th.,  http://earnoldbennett.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/a-lazy-day-afloat-and-ashore.html

I read about half of Vollard on Cezanne, and I began to read "Lamiel".

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