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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Rural matters

Thursday, August 27th., Comarques, Thorpe-le-Soken.

Talk with old farmer down Golden Lane this morning. Said he was 78 ('but I'm done for'), and had farmed there for 50 years. He said that he had often been to Brussels as cattle-dealer. What surprised him there was that people kept pigs in cellars under their houses. He said he didn't know my opinion, but he thought Germany was short of money and couldn't last. Then he said: "Now tell me Mr. Bennett, is it true they are a-killing women and children?" 

He said that the harvest was very good and that at a certain farm they had got 20 sacks of wheat to the acre. Many farms, he said, got only 3,4, or 5. One of his larger fields was being used for cavalry (or perhaps field artillery) manoeuvres. I asked him whether he charged the government anything for the field. he said, "No. They've got enough to pay for." Lastly he suggested to me 'a matter of business' - "I know you're a business-man Mr. Bennett. I can see it in yer face." To wit that I should have my mare covered by a piebald pony that he knew. He said that I could work her up to the day she foaled, and begin again a week afterwards.

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