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Thursday, 8 August 2013

East End adventure

Sunday, August 8th., Cadogan Square, London.

I lunched with Dorothy here; and then felt that I must have some adventure. It was a very nice afternoon with threatening clouds. I hurried out and taxied to St. Paul's, which is still half closed and no doubt will be for years. Still it is neatly and tidily half closed. Immense flocks of tame pigeons on the piazza being fed. A congregation (sparse) assembling inside for a service.

I then took a bus for Hackney Wick. I thought that would do as well as anywhere. But before I got to the Wick I saw buses going in the opposite direction to Blackwall Tunnel, which I had never seen. So I got off and took one of these latter, and went all down the Burdett Road into East India Docks Road to Poplar, and I saw big steamers and even a fine 3-master, and a huge home or hostel for sailors. Incidentally, the top of the slope leading to the tunnel. The thoroughfares are superb in width and very clean, and I noted lots of very interesting things. The East End keeps on till you get to Aldgate when it stops all of a sudden, and you begin to see theatre ticket agencies.

I should have been late for tea if I had not taken a taxi at St. Paul's again. But all the round trip to and from St. Paul's - I should think about 10 miles - I did in buses.

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