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Thursday, 21 November 2013

A funeral

Monday, November 21st., Cadogan Square, London.

Disturbed night; dreamed much. I seldom dream. 
I did some work today for a change.
I began my new short story at 10.30 after a walk, and wrote 600 words of it in about an hour. 

I then set off in the rain to St. Margaret's for the funeral service of Charles Masterman. A lot of people there. Ll. George following the coffin. I didn't like the sight of him there. 
At 9 I was at Mrs. Masterman's discussing her affairs with her. I promised to set on foot a scheme for collecting £4,000 for education of the three children, all of whom I saw. I shall write to H.G. to ask if he would contribute.
Also for Charles Masterman see 'Writing for victory', September 3rd., -

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Walking last night for exercise along the Station Road (6.30 p.m.) I saw the light of Clacton (not the lights - the light) and of Frinton, over the brows; a reflection in the sky ... Idea of a desolate coast (relatively) with human settlements rather precariously here and there upon it. Darkness everywhere and just those lights on the clouds from below. Sense of the adventure of living on the earth at all; and of the essential similarity of all human existences.

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