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Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Wednesday, November 6th., St. Simon's Avenue, Putney.

Day before yesterday, after having written about 6,000 words of new novel, I decided to begin it again, in a somewhat different key, but with exactly the same construction. And I did begin it again, and at once felt easier in my mind. I also decided that I would not make a fine MS of it. The regularity of the lines and handwriting does not seem to accord with style in which this novel is to be written. A freer style than before - a little more capricious and swinging.

I had to interrupt the work last week but one to do an article of reminiscences for the Metropolitan and the Strand, and again on Sunday to review Allan Monkhouse's new novel, "Dying Fires" for the Manchester Guardian. This last is a good book.

Also I have begun to order a new library of music, through Sharpe, and the first noble batch of stuff came today. More in a few days.

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