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Sunday, 3 November 2013

A retreat

Friday, November 3rd., Royal Thames Yacht Club, Piccadilly.

I came to London on Wednesday and took possession of apartment 'C' at the R. Thames Y.C. which I have rented. This in the face of opposition from my wife which strengthened rather than weakened my resolve. She has now, herself, a small modest flat in London. 

Rather like celibate life in Paris again. I dined at the Club and read Macready's diary; extraordinary sensation of having resumed a closed chapter of existence.

Dined with Marguerite at Elysee Restaurant. Dancing by two nice professional girls at intervals. Young nut who came in at 9.31 and asked whether it was just before or just after drink-closing time. He crossed legs and leaned on stick before beginning to ask waiter.

Caledonian Market this morning. I got there too soon and saw trucks and hand-carts and carts being wheeled up by all sorts of people - many foreigners. Type of pale puffed skin, or pinched and full red lips. I went back to tailor's to try on, and went to market again at noon, when it was in full swing. I bought an eastern bowl.

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