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Friday, 29 November 2013

Loot of Cities

Monday, November 29th., Cadogan Square, London.

I didn't finally wake up till 7.58, very rare occurrence, as I had very few breaks during the night.

Daily Mail article by Birkenhead on me, in which he practically accused me of lying. 
Also see 'Storm in a political teacup', November 23rd., -

I went downstairs and wrote my reply to Birkenhead in the form of a letter to the Mail. When I took it to Miss Nerney she said that the Mail had telephoned for an article; so I crossed out the Sir, and Yours truly, and called it an article and charged £60 for it.

I have been re-reading "The Loot of Cities". Very imaginative idea of mine, and an engaging read. However, I don't think the series of stories fulfills the promise of its beginning. The story "Lo! 'Twas a Gala Night!" is rather weak, and the character of Cecil Thorold is sadly diminished by his being made to fall for Miss Fincastle; nor does she demonstrate the independence of character implied in the first story. My favourite story in the eponymous volume is "Mr. Penfound's Two Burglars". A very satisfying construction and consistently amusing. The ghost story, "The Episode in Room 222", is probably best overlooked.

Additionally for November 29th., see 'Byways of literature' -

Mrs. Devereux had been to hear the trial of a crime passionel. A man had cut his wife's throat with a razor from ear to ear, but, through some fortunate movement of the woman, had only severed the skin. "A close shave!" said Schwob at once. I could see that he was extremely pleased with this really admirable comment. He beamed after he had said it.

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