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Monday, 11 November 2013

Working hard

Wednesday, November 11th., Rue de Calais, Paris.

I worked all day yesterday, except between 4 and 6 when I paid a call, till one o'clock this morning. I lunched on 2 francs and dined on 2 francs at the Duval, and took coffee at the Cafe Terminus St. Lazaire, a big place with an orchestra. And I noticed how even Donizetti came out strong and alive amongst the mass of Gibulkas, Metras, and other composers of light music.

Again today I worked the whole day, till 10.40, and I finished the third Windsor story. "A Bracelet at Bruges"; 5,100 words complete in two days. Already, after a period of slackness, I have a sort of wild hope of being able to finish the six stories by the end of the month.

Tonight I had two letters from Eden, both of them about our play and our holiday next Spring on the Riviera. He says that Jerome has written asking him to collaborate in a big serious play! Eden says that my recent letters indicate a tendency to cynicism, and that my recent articles in T.P's W. seemed to "throw distrust, not to say contempt, on love of women". He goes on: "Some natures are self-contained and don't want it - some can't do without it. Golden rule in the matter: To keep the mouth shut and go one's own way."

Additionally for November 11th., see 'Remembrance' -

I walked out and 'saw' the Two Minute Silence from inside the lobby of the Court Theatre. When I saw old gents standing two minutes  in that perishing wind, hatless, I was glad I'd come inside.

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